High school and college students can have lots of advantages if they have well-developed essay writing skills. Current curriculums of colleges and universities place significant importance on a student’s written output. It could indicate how much comprehension took place after studying a topic or lesson.

Essays have parts, but the part which is most neglected is the ending or concluding paragraph. Many students feel that they have already written enough for the introduction and the body of the essay. Because of this, they commonly run out of things to say at the end.

It is important to learn how to finish your essays properly. According to experts from paper writing service, an effective essay conclusion leads the way to effective learning on the part of the reader. The conclusion of an essay is what a reader will tend to remember. Just like in speeches, good essays must end with a bang. This is how the value of the piece is measured.


Essays come in many forms. An essay could be analytical, expository, narrative, persuasive, or even all of the above. Even if this is the case, there are techniques and tips that can be applied to any form of essay to come up with a proper conclusion. Following the tips below should effectively improve the quality of your essay conclusions:

  • Provide a synthesis of the essay’s body. This means not merely summarizing content but synthesizing ideas for the reader. By merely summarizing, a writer could end up boring the reader.

  • Show the importance of the topic discussed. Of course, readers are looking for something that they could use.

  • Create pictures. This is done by providing new meaning to the ideas discussed in the essay.

  • Make the reader think. Letting the reader come up with ideas about the possible applications of ideas in the essay is an effective way to do this. It shows that they have learned something from reading the entire piece.

In term terms of essay finishing techniques, the following prove to be very useful:

  • Challenging the reader – This technique is related to the last tip mentioned above. A challenge could be presented through an invitation to apply what has been learned.

  • Asking questions – Questions look good in the essay’s concluding part. It also ensures that the reader will go beyond the perspectives that were given by the writer.

  • Use of future scenarios – Finishing an essay with the use of this technique gives way to thought redirection and a desire for more learning.

  • Circling back – It means providing an echo to the ideas presented in the introduction. Of course, this is not simply about repeating what has been mentioned in the beginning. To circle back means to link the introduction to the ending of the essay.