Probably, one of the most difficult hurdles that graduating high school students have to deal with is essay writing. We are referring to college admission essays in this case. Once a student gains admission to a college or university, academic tasks related to essays don’t stop. Now, why do universities and colleges make such tasks a part of their academic requirements?

Academic specialists have a ready answer for this question: essay writing is a good start for your learning. The strategy of letting students write on specific topics has proven to be very effective in facilitating multifaceted learning.

Critical thinking, reasoning, recall, and other cognitive aspects of learning are developed when one is writing an essay. This is precisely how such a simple task could really benefit those who are doing it. There are many ways by which one could start learning. Of course, this is due to the fact that there are just too many things to learn. Each learning task requires different types of preparation; the diversity of university courses proves this.

University materials are quite complicated to learn. There could be volumes of literature on history, taxation, or psychology. Evaluating learning through traditional means like multiple choice or identification tests doesn’t provide an accurate picture of what an individual has actually learned. Teachers could see through a student’s quality of learning through essays that the latter provides. A student’s arguments, types of examples presented, and conclusions clearly reflect their level of learning.

The skills that are learned by a student through essay writing could prove to be useful in real-life situations. Correct grammar and spelling makes their communication capability effective. The ability to voice out what one really intends to say is also developed through essay writing. Writing is a tool of successful people no matter which field or career they are in.

Writing also develops the memory. Skills in organization of thoughts, recall of facts, concentration, and linking of previous and present learning are developed when writing. The power of memory is important for those who are aiming to finish university courses. A good memory is regarded by many as a good tool for learning.

It takes time for effective learning to take place and there are many ways that this could happen. However, it is good to know that we have a simple way of getting started on it. In other words, we need to write in order to learn.