Reasons Why So Many Students Leave College

The current economic situation of the country affects the perception that high school graduates have towards pursuing a college education. A lot of them sense that even if they don’t pursue a college degree, they could still get a job out there. Of course, there are still people who believe in the true advantage of earning a bachelor’s degree. However, recent surveys revealed an alarming fact: almost 50% of those who enroll as freshmen in colleges and universities don’t finish their courses. Dropout rates in US colleges and universities have this increasing trend as days pass by. What could...
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Essay Writing: Good Start for Your Learning

Probably, one of the most difficult hurdles that graduating high school students have to deal with is essay writing. We are referring to college admission essays in this case. Once a student gains admission to a college or university, academic tasks related to essays don’t stop. Now, why do universities and colleges make such tasks a part of their academic requirements? Academic specialists have a ready answer for this question: essay writing is a good start for your learning. The strategy of letting students write on specific topics has proven to be very effective in facilitating multifaceted learning. Critical...
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Essay Writing

Learn How to Finish Your Essays Effectively: Techniques and Tips to Use

High school and college students can have lots of advantages if they have well-developed essay writing skills. Current curriculums of colleges and universities place significant importance on a student’s written output. It could indicate how much comprehension took place after studying a topic or lesson. Essays have parts, but the part which is most neglected is the ending or concluding paragraph. Many students feel that they have already written enough for the introduction and the body of the essay. Because of this, they commonly run out of things to say at the end. It is important to learn how...
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